Real American Hardwood Promotion

KFIA is one of 27 partners in a Coalition titled “Real American Hardwood Promotion.” (RAHPC)  It was formed in 2019 to identify opportunities and challenges in promoting the American hardwood industry. The first completed phase of work has focused on conducting and analyzing research on why customers purchase hardwood products or competing substitutes. The research included architects, contractors, home renovators, (consumers) designers, millennials, and GenXers - to assess perceptions of hardwood attributes, as well as those of competitive products.

RAHPC goals are designed to provide the industry with a long-term vision, focus and continuous motivation. It hopes to:

  • Increase domestic markets by raising awareness of Real American Hardwood.
  • Enhance consumer and prosumer perception of hardwood’s value. Prosumers are defined as those industry professionals who build and renovate property for themselves to sell or who contract with consumers to complete the work.
  • Generate new products.
  • Improve industry profitability and stability.

The research subjects gave hardwood high marks, finding it an attractive product that provides warmth and the right “look” to homes. They understood that hardwood products were durable and lifetime lasting, and “healthy for their home.” Healthy home is an interesting benefit as it allows hardwood to take advantage of the environmentally-friendly benefits in a way that is more  immediately relevant to consumers – the need to care for their family. The data shows that we have the potential to develop an unbeatable messaging strategy that can create an emotional connection with consumers.

To learn more, please view the video on the front page of the new KFIA website at   Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link.  The Promotion group continues to meet and a plan of action is being finalized which includes recommendations on effectively promoting hardwoods to improve markets for all segments of the hardwood industry.

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