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The 52nd Annual KFIA Meeting registration is now available to anyone that would like to attend.  The meeting will take place on April 4 - 6 at the Embassy Suites in Lexington and includes the annual golf outing and a special White Oak Seminar to address concerns with future stave and lumber demand.  Speakers will be discussing the impact of the new Administration in Washington on the wood products industry and financial markets plus trucking and a potential new program for KFIA members will be discussed.  There will also be a large number of Exhibitors and plenty of networking opportunities with an attendance of over 350 expected.  Please click here for full meeting registration or contact the KFIA office with any questions.


The Logging Best Management Practices (BMP's) changes for Kentucky are still in the process of being approved by the Legislature and will go into effect around April 1.  A brochure has been developed that summarizes the changes and can be viewed by clicking here  The changes will be enforced on logging jobs once the BMP's are approved and KFIA will keep members updated on the timeline.


KFIA, NHLA and the University of Kentucky are working together to put on a five day hardwood lumber grading course in West Liberty, Kentucky to take place on February 20 - 24.  The course will be taught by NHLA Instructor Benji Richards and will cover lumber rules and basic grading information for all species of hardwood lumber.  For registration information click here.

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Kentucky Forestry Economic Impact Report 2015

Kentucky plays a pivotal role in providing forest products to the U.S. and the forestry sector is a major economic force in the Commonwealth providing over 62,000 jobs and $14 billion to Kentucky's economy in 2015.  Its economic input was generated from 713 facilities located in 109 of Kentucky's 120 counties including a wide range of industries from logging and sawmills to cabinet manufacturers and paper and producers.

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Kentucky Wood Expo
Sept. 15 & 16,
Masterson Station Park - Lexington, KY
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Kentucky Chapter Log A Load for Kids - forest industries
charity that benefits Kentucky Children's Hospital
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The 2017 Kentucky Legislative Session got off to a fast start in early January.  The first week of the Session has been used to determine leadership and resolve other issues in the past with few if any Committee meetings.  With the change in leadership to Republican control of the House to go along with the majority control in the Senate and a Republican Governor things were very much different during the first week of the Session. Seven bills were heard in both House and Senate Committees and given final passage over five days which is the minimum time possible.  The bills have been signed into law by the Governor.


     The bills ban mandatory labor union dues, repeal the state’s prevailing wage law, ban union dues from being used for political donations, require ultrasounds before abortions, ban abortions after 20 weeks and replace the board of trustees at the University of Louisville.  All of the bills contained an emergency clause which means they went into effect following the signature of the Governor and are now law. The 30-day legislative session has adjourned for a scheduled break and will re-convene on Tuesday, Feb. 7. The session is scheduled to end on March 30.


      KFIA has been working on legislation which has been introduced to address a Kentucky Supreme Court Ruling between two woodland owners concerning triple damages for timber trespass.  The Court ruled in a split decision that if there was no “intent to convert” the timber cut on an adjoining property then only the price of the timber would need to be paid to the landowner who had there timber stolen.  This has raised much concern that the existing Timber Trespass law would become ineffective and allow for timber to be cut on adjoined property with little or no consequences.


 Senate Bill 38 is designed to address this issue by clarifying that the person removing the timber illegally in a trespass case is responsible for triple the value of the timber and the damages if they did not contact the landowner in advance by certified mail as required in current law.  The Association is concerned that the Court decision which weakens the existing law will result in heavy regulations in the future if not addressed by the wood industry.


      The Association encourages members to contact their Senators to support Senate Bill 38 to address this important issue for the wood products industry.  Legislators will be in their home districts and will return to Frankfort on February 7.  The Bill has been assigned to the Senate Agriculture Committee and we are working to get it heard quickly when Legislators return to Frankfort.


      KFIA will be monitoring legislation throughout the 2017 Session and urges members to contact the office with any questions or concerns. You can go to the Legislative Research Commission (LRC) website at to see complete details on all legislation.  You can contact and find your legislator from the LRC website or call 800-372-7181 to leave a message or 502-564-8100 to speak directly to your legislator in Frankfort.



KFIA Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT: KFIA exists to preserve the traditions, markets and  influence of all the organizations benefiting from Kentucky’s forest resources.  KFIA promotes, protects, and enhances the welfare of the commonwealth’s forest products stakeholders.

VISION:  KFIA is “The Association” of the forest products industry, service providers and landowners that reside or conduct business in Kentucky.  KFIA is a necessary investment of the forest resource stakeholder because of the robust services and benefits provided by the association.

VALUES: Accountability & Responsibility: Members are expected to conduct their business using sound ethical practices and be good steward of Kentucky’s forest resources.

Improvement & Innovation: Support initiatives that lead to continued improvement and innovation.

Responsible Forestry: Preserve members’ freedom to shape their future and defend stakeholders from unnecessary regulation.                                   

Education: Pursue educational opportunities to improve the wellness of membership and effectively inform the general public.  

Contact the KFIA Staff:    

     Bob Bauer, Executive Director
     Michele Brewer, Administrative Assistant